We had been intending to hike up to ‘Lion Rock’ since moving to Hong Kong in February but were slightly put off by feedback from others that had done it. On looking at a popular hiking website it was deemed 7/10 difficulty and we made the conscious decision to become fitter before attempting it to avoid leaving the mountain in a rescue helicopter. When bank holiday came around we decided it was the perfect opportunity as we had 2 days off in a row, (finally) so off we went.

If there’s one thing that never fails to be annoying in Hong Kong (other than the unnecessarily slow walking pace on the pavements) its the weather forecast. With clouds and a temperature of around 24 degrees predicted we figured starting the hike at 9:30am would allow us to avoid the heat of the day and get back down the mountain before it became too hot to breathe. Unfortunately within 30 minutes it had reached the high twenties with humidity chucked in for good measure. Safe to say everyone we saw on the trail looked like they’d been for a swim with their clothes on.


The trail itself was steep: there were a lot of steps and very few flat bits. At points, the trail became so narrow it was impossible to pass people and there was a lot of loose gravel/stones to add to the difficulty.


Despite the struggle, the views we were greeted with were amazing, and it was by far the best view of the city we’ve seen! Although up close lion rock resembled no more than a fairly large rock with a few leaves growing from it with no lion in sight, we had a fairly clear day and enjoyed a few ready salted pringles at the top to celebrate our successful climb.


The decline seemed to take forever, with steep stairs making it almost as hard as climbing up, but we reached the end of the trail and quickly hopped into a taxi to get to the MTR station (of course rewarding ourselves with more food on the way home).