After months of being told by anyone we’ve ever met in Hong Kong to go to Sai Kung, we finally braved the somewhat complicated journey there from North Point. Going on a Wednesday meant two things: 1) Sai Kung was deserted- there were no families, tourists or even locals about which was a fantastic break from the hectic Hong Kong lifestyle, 2) getting to our destination was made even more complicated because the one and only minibus that could get us there ran every 3 hours (which we only found out thanks to free McDonald’s wifi once we cottoned on to the fact there was no minibus in sight). Not fancying the 2.5 hour wait for a bus, we jumped in a taxi and hiked for 45 minutes from drop off to the beautiful beach of Sai Wan.


Having some strong competition from the beaches of Thailand, Sai Wan beach was pretty much perfect. The fact that we were the only people there, alongside another couple the other end of the beach, made the scenery even more enjoyable. Of course we immediately regretted bringing only a couple of water bottles, seeing as the one and only shop at the beach could get away with charging a small fortune as the next nearest shop was approx. a 45 min hike and 30 min taxi ride away. As tempting as it sounds, we chose to take the hit.


A 15 minute hike away from the beach was a beautiful waterfall. Yes, you had to risk your life to get there, with a sign at the beginning stating it was only for ‘highly experienced hikers’ and once passing the sign we quickly realised they weren’t joking. Clinging on for dear life we somehow managed to get there and back without a broken ankle. The waterfall was apparently the go-to destination for locals. With music blasting from speakers, an abundance of beer and an extremely chilled atmosphere we braved the freezing water temperature to have a swim.



Upon returning to the beach we realised the time and it dawned on us that the last minibus had been and gone. We tried phoning taxis but a communication barrier alongside the world’s worst phone signal led to us standing in a grassy field surrounded by cows wondering if we were going to get back for work in the morning. With a bit of luck we found a ferry service and managed to get the last few tickets for the final boat of the evening (phew) which turned up looking unstable to say the least. Turns out the boat was pretty nippy and we were flying our way back to Sai kung pier in no time.


To top off one of our best days in Hong Kong so far was a sunset over the islands which reminded us (not that we needed it) that we are currently living in one of the most amazing places on earth.