During the easter holidays George’s family paid a visit to Hong Kong! It was so exciting to show the Baileys our Hong Kong life and to tour them around some of our favourite places we’ve explored so far. Of course we benefitted hugely out of their trip, making the very most of the hotel breakfast, rooftop pool and the bath in their hotel room. Their hotel itself was located a 5 minute walk from my english centre which although was convenient at the time, now means I have to walk past where they stayed every single day and remember just how good the buffet breakfast was- making our already-bland breakfast of weetabix and banana even more disappointing.

On our first full day off we decided to hike up dragon’s back to give them a taste of the rural side of Hong Kong. Despite there being significantly more steps than we remembered, everyone made it in one piece. Luckily the weather was cool and clear enough to ensure the hike was enjoyable rather than a fight for survival, although rain hit during the last 30 minutes making it a rather soggy ending to the trip!


A few days later we were keen to show them our local area so we walked along the North Point promenade to Aldrich Bay. The promenade has great views of Kowloon and has a designated ‘pet garden’ which is entertaining in itself. The dogs in Hong Kong have the privilege of getting pushed around in prams rather than walking, and they even get their own designated dog seat in restaurants along the promenade. The life of an average dog in Hong Kong is probably a lot more luxurious than my own.

During the bank holiday weekend we went on a trip to Stanley- a town known for its restaurants, beaches and markets. The weather was hot and after a look around the market we made our way to the beach. There were platforms in the sea which were perfect sunbathing spots and it was a great way to relax after a busy few days. We returned to North Point with family friends and had a HUGE chinese meal.


During our last full day together we decided to make the most of the hotel facilities and spent most of the morning and early afternoon by the pool. The view from the top of the hotel was outstanding, and you could even see mine and George’s apartment from the pool across the water!


The view from the pool!


After gaining half my body weight from eating out, relaxing by a rooftop pool with an outstanding view and attempting to be the ultimate tour guides of Hong Kong, the week came to a very sudden end. The Baileys departed (probably feeling more exhausted than when they came), but not before leaving us with enough chocolate, toiletries and cheese that we could open up our own convenience store!