A couple of weeks ago George and I went on a little trip to see the Big Buddha. It’s safe to say it lived up to its’s name: it was big. We went on a day where the weather made it very atmospheric with it being slightly foggy but not to the point that it stopped us actually being able to see it (yes, we’ve heard a few stories of people hiking up the mountain and not even being able to see their hand in front of their face, let alone a giant buddha).


The journey to reach the mountain was pretty interesting. We got a bus to the top being driven around Lantau Island, an incredibly rural area with buffalo on the side of the road and little villages- a complete contrast to Hong Kong island!

At the top, there were little food stalls and some hiking routes which we did not get a chance to do. We did stumble across a rather eerie abandoned village which was like something out of a horror film.


At the weekend we went for a BBQ with George’s family friends and they gave us a tour around the local area. We were taken to see the wishing tree, a treehouse and a walled village with slightly claustrophobic paths!


We were then lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset across a pond.