Saturday night at the company we work for is a big one. We get 1 weekday off a week, and then a Sunday, so Saturday night is the evening that everyone goes out. Let me introduce to ‘Mr Wongs’: a restaurant with all you can eat food and beer for the equivalent of £6 per person. I know what you’re thinking- how is that possible? The truth is, its highly illegal. The staff that work there look like they haven’t washed for a couple of months and they are the most unsociable bunch of people I’ve ever met. Someone we met on Saturday night compared one of the workers as a Chinese version of ‘that woman that makes the chocolate cake for Bruce Bogtrotter’ in the film Matilda. If you don’t know what I mean give it a google, the resembelance is uncanny.


Mr Wong’s is absolutely filled with Canadians, Americans, South Africans and the occasional British, presumably because none of the locals are stupid enough to eat food that’s probably come from a gutter. I must say the ‘chicken curry’ is best avoided- I tend to stick to the broccoli, rice and spring rolls in the hope I don’t wake up with salmonella. Although it sounds unappetising it all boils down to the fact that its £6 FOR AN ENTIRE NIGHT OUT! You can’t even get a sandwich for that price in London. Drinking beer all night is far from ideal, and I find myself living on the toilet for most of the evening with Mr Wong’s resident cat, but every time we go there we have a great time!


It’s great to be surrounded by fellow teachers (last Saturday there was about 40 of us all from the same company) and to share stories about hideous snotty kids trying to ruin your life. The fact is no one really knows what’s going on. We’re all here to make money and have a good time and that’s certainly what we’re doing!

As per usual, a night at Mr Wong’s always ends up at LKF- another westerners dream with extremely overpriced drinks, avoided by getting cans from 7/11 and drinking on the street where the atmosphere is better than any bar. Yep, we’re all cheapskates, but this money isn’t going to save itself!!