In order to get our working visas we were required to leave Hong Kong and return again to get our passport stamped. We were told to get a return ferry to Macau to get this done. Macau is essentially a copy of Las Vegas. It’s surrounded by huge casinos and is actually home to the biggest casino in the world: the venetian. It was a whole new experience for us, having never visited any casinos before, let alone ones with fountain displays, massive shopping centres and a replica of the Eiffel Tower!


Our staple diet for the day consisted of Portuguese tarts and pork rolls. Another bonus about Macau is that the bakeries love to hand out a free sample. Of course George and I had no problem with sussing this out and helping ourselves at every opportunity. The free shuttles provided from each destination were fantastic, allowing us to view lots of different venus. They’ll do pretty much anything in Macau to get you into the casinos from these free buses, free samples and even a cable car which was a complimentary one-way pass to a casino. Turns out the joke was on them that day- we spent a total of £15 for the day (lunch) and very much enjoyed our complimentary pastries, water and transport.


George decided it would be funny to dress like a big timer, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses he fitted in a bit too well. When we approached a table to join a crowd of spectators on what looked like a big money game, George was invited to play and all of a sudden 30 pairs of eyes turned around in expectation. We were so surprised at this point we put our heads down and walked away to gamble our $10 bill (£1) on a slot machine. Later on, when entering another casino, a security guard inspected his eyes to see if he was on drugs. I concluded that perhaps the Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses combo should have been left at home that day.