Last week we got the tram up to Victoria Peak, and I must say the view was incredible. We decided to go around 3pm so that we could see the view in daylight, dusk and at night. The tram was an experience in itself- although it only took 20 minutes there were points where it was near vertical and felt like it was going to roll back down again. Once we got to the top there were plenty of shops to look around, and various walks with viewpoints giving you a different angle of the city.


For dinner we went to wildfire, a restaurant on the edge of the peak. Although it was a little pricey the backdrop was well-worth it! (not to mention the food was delicious- George had a calzone the size of a small child).


I thought I’d group two places with great views together! On Thursday we trekked on the Dragon’s back- a famous trail in Hong Kong known for its bumpy landscape (thus giving it the nickname the ‘dragon’s back’).


This trail was perfect for a sunny day and had views from all angles, giving a great perspective of the area. We enjoyed a picnic lunch overlooking Stanley Peninsula and Lamma Island. Our trail ended at Big Wave Bay with enough time for us to relax on the beach before hopping back home in preparation for our first day of work the following day!


Through it’s beautiful landscape, Hong Kong has inspired us to take up hiking more regularly. We are going to try and use at least 1 of our days off per week to go outside and explore what Hong Kong has to offer!