After Chiang Mai we got on a plane to Phuket to begin our adventures in Thailand’s southern islands. We used Phuket for a stop-off day more than anything, managing to get a full beach day out of it, accompanied by the worst sunburn we’ve ever had. We were the walking stereotype of ‘Brits abroad’- starting our day blending into the sand and leaving it an interesting shade of red.

Phuket beach day 

The following day we got on a ferry to Koh Phi Phi which was undoubtedly our favourite island. We arrived in the evening and decided to explore the nightlife. We stumbled across a fireshow on the beach, and with the bar promoting half price spirits it was hard to resist. The most exciting part of the show was when the performer messed it up and flung the fire pole into the audience leaving everyone feeling very on edge for the next 30 minutes secretly wishing it would end.

After that we proceeded to the Reggae Bar- a bar based upon Muay Tai fighting. The idea being anyone can volunteer themselves to fight in the ring placed in the middle of the bar. The winner of 3 fights in a row gets free drinks for the night. Despite being extremely good at Muay Tai fighting, George and I decided we didn’t want to show everyone else up so decided to just buy our £2 drinks rather than fight for them.

Reggae Bar fighting ring 

The following couple of days consisted of lying around on the beach and eating ice cream. We kayaked to Monkey Island- turns out no matter how cute the monkeys look they’re bloody aggressive!

Kayaking to Monkey Island
Viewpoint over Koh Phi Phi 

Our last day began with a hangover. Turns out drinking buckets of alcohol for £3 containing at least half a bottle of vodka each doesn’t make you feel good the next day. Luckily for us we’d booked a boat trip (yay) to Bamboo Island, Maya Bay and then to go snorkelling off of shark point- no better way to cure a hangover! This was another eventful trip.

After visiting the picturesque bamboo island we were heading towards Maya Bay (the famous island from the film ‘The Beach’). At this point the weather took a turn for the worst and down came the biggest rain storm on a boat with no cover. This was all a bit of a laugh but the novelty wore off when we realised our boat had broken down in the middle of the open sea in a storm. The crew managed to get the boat to Maya Bay (just) and then we had to get towed all the way back to Phi Phi. Getting towed back was actually the scariest bit- the waves were so big that they had to keep readjusting the boat and redistributing where people were sitting in order to prevent the whole boat from capsizing.

Bamboo Island
Maya Bay 
Getting ready to snorkel off of Shark Point

Overall our trip to Koh Phi Phi was a blast. The beaches were breathtaking, the snorkelling was amazing and the nightlife was like being in an up-market Ayia Napa.