Koh Lanta was another beautiful island. Unfortunately we got a bit unlucky with the weather, being the end of monsoon season, so a lot of it was spent chilling in a beach bar waiting for the rain to pass over (which it never did). Nevertheless the island itself was just as beautiful as Koh Phi Phi and Phuket! What we liked about this island in particular was the lack of tourists. It seemed on Phi Phi island no matter where you went you’d always get some idiot in the back of your photos with a selfie stick. From this aspect, Koh Lanta seemed to be a lot more relaxing.



The beach we stayed on was so vast that it was almost like having your own private section of it, and the sea was particularly warm, even in the rain. The edge of the beach was inundated with a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants all blasting out acoustic music which added to the chilled vibe.



After 2 relaxing days in Koh Lanta we headed to Krabi for another stop-over type trip before heading to the airport to fly back to Bangkok. We got food poisoning the day we left Koh Lanta which meant a 2 hour ferry, and then a 1 hour flight the following day feeling sick- typical! To cut a long story short, we made it to Bangkok without any mishaps, got a huge McDonalds to compensate for not eating for 48 hours and got an early night before our flight to Hong Kong the following day!!