I would be lying if I said we enjoyed Bangkok. Well perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but Bangkok is the most overwhelming city we have ever been to. I think its the combination of the heat, crowds and the constant feeling that people are out to rip you off. Chances are that anyone speaking English is trying to get money out of you one way or another so your best bet is to keep your head down and pretend you know what you’re doing. Walking around like lost puppies we were finding it increasingly hard to act normal- attempting to navigate ourselves to sightseeing spots with a map that neither of us could read (top tip: maps are only useful when you know where you are to begin with). Having  a combination of 2 bronze and 1 silver D of E awards between us wasn’t quite hacking it.

A line of bells at ‘Wat Saket’

Just as we were on the verge of giving up and accepting our fate of being stranded in Bangkok for the rest of our lives an overly-friendly Thai lady came to our rescue. She proceeded to explain that her husband was from Nottingham, grabbed the map off of us and began drawing out where we were and her top recommendations for the day. Upon her advice she pulled over a taxi for us and negotiated a price of 20 baht (45p) with the driver. The no-bullshit tone in her voice gave him no choice in the matter, and as we drove off he proceeded to ask ‘wow is that your Thai friend?’ to which we replied ‘yes’ in order to get our 45p fare.

Turns out the Thai lady knew what she was talking about. She had sent us to a long-boat trip around the sights of Bangkok. It was this boat ride which made our trip to Bangkok a little less shit. The sun came out and we were taken to some amazing places- our favourite being a huge temple village.



On that note we decided to quit while we were ahead, we hailed a taxi and were still in it 2 hours later (another tip: always double check the taxi driver knows which end of the city you’re going to, if they get it wrong its a fairly long drive to the other end).

Perhaps we didn’t give ourselves long enough to settle in, perhaps it just wasn’t for us- either way I think we’ll give Bangkok a miss in the future.